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Table 11 Ecological zone-based variation of the top five consumer-desired breeding traits for an improved variety of Synsepalum dulcificum

From: Comparative analysis of management practices and end-users’ desired breeding traits in the miracle plant [Synsepalum dulcificum (Schumach & Thonn.) Daniell] across ecological zones and sociolinguistic groups in West Africa

Traits Guineo-Congolian zone Deciduous forest zone Evergreen forest zone
Cumulated score Rank Cumulated score Rank Cumulated score Rank
Big fruit size 134 1st 211 3rd 5 3rd
High fruit miraculin content 78 2nd 284 1st 6 2nd
Fruit freshness 57 3rd 229 2nd 7 1st
High fruit edible ratio 41 4th     
Long fruit shelf life 36 5th 50 4th 5 3rd
Fruit colour sharpness 5 5th
Fruit firmness    2 5th
Overall ranking agreement Kendall-W = 0.56