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Table 9 Final consumer-desired breeding traits for an improved variety of Synsepalum dulcificum

From: Comparative analysis of management practices and end-users’ desired breeding traits in the miracle plant [Synsepalum dulcificum (Schumach & Thonn.) Daniell] across ecological zones and sociolinguistic groups in West Africa

Traits Cumulated score Rank Reasons (Citation frequency)
High miraculin content 368 1st To enjoy the fruit (1)
Big fruit size 350 2nd For a quick satisfaction (0.74), to attract consumers (0.26)
Fruit freshness 293 3rd To attract consumer (0.64), for safety of consumption (0.36)
Long fruit shelf life 91 4th Better storability for staggered consumption over the time (1)
High fruit edible ratio 48 5th More juice from the fruit (1)
Fruit colour sharpness 41 6th To make the fruit more attractive for the consumer (1)
Low potency 8 7th To enjoy the taste of other foods after the consumption of miracle berry (1)
Firmness 6 8th For better storability (1)
Fruit shape 1 9th Determined the fruit attractivity (1)