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Table 1 Demographic data for the communities of El Limón de Cuauchichinola (ELC) and Tepalcingo (TGO)

From: How does urbanization affect perceptions and traditional knowledge of medicinal plants?

Community/location Number of inhabitants/no. of homes Economic activities Services Average education (years)
ELC/18° 31′ 51″ N, 98° 56′ 15″ W, (1259 masl), 28.5 km from municipal seat 129/37 Seasonal agriculture, extensive livestock rearing, gathering of non-timber forestry products 37 homes in the community, all occupied, of which only 28 have electricity, running water, and public sewer lines. Public primary school and once monthly brigade offering free medical appointments 5.1
TGO/18° 35′ 47″ N, 98° 50′ 237″ W, (1160 masl). Municipal seat. 12,053/3674 Functions as a center for commerce and distribution of products and has approximately 370 different services, among which small shops and are the most frequent. 2382 homes have electricity, running water, and public sewer lines. Has education, public healthcare, and private medical practices, as well as wellness programs and public transportation 7.62