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Table 6 Percentage contribution of bioclimatic variables in prediction distribution models for S. aristolochiifolia on the State of Puebla, Mexico

From: Uses, abundance perception, and potential geographical distribution of Smilax aristolochiifolia Mill (SMILACACEAE) on the Totonacapan Region of Puebla, Mexico

Variable Percent contribution (%)
Precipitation of the driest period (Bio14) 51.7
Precipitation of the warmest quarter(Bio18) 38.3
Ground cover (Bio22) 3.7
Humidity regime (Bio21) 2.2
Altitude (Bio20) 1.8
Annual precipitation (Bio12) 1.4
Average temperature of the driest four-month period (Bio9) 0.9
Precipitation of the driest four-month period (Bio17) 0.1