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Table 4 Ethnomedicinal plant used to treat human and livestock diseases in District Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

From: Exploration of ethnomedicinal plants and their practices in human and livestock healthcare in Haripur District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

S. no Taxonomic name/family, voucher no Local name Locality Life habit/life spana Part usedb Organism treated Disease treated Ethnomedicinal recipes Quantitative indicesc
1 Acacia modesta Wall (Fabaceae; subfamily Mimosoideae), 03-Z Phulai Dartian T P LE, SD Cow and buffalo Delivery A decoction of leaves and seeds is given for 3 days 16 0.2 55 0.68
GM Human Backache Gum is fried with wheat flour in "desi ghee." This is known as "Halwa" in the local community and given especially to women after delivery
2 Acacia nilotica (L.) Delile M. (Fabaceae; subfamily Mimosoideae), 02-Z Kikar Najafpur T P SP, Cow and buffalo Colic pain A decoction of spines is given for 3 days 13 0.16 40 0.5
GM Human Stomach ulcer Powdered gum at 10-g with milk/water is taken
3 Adhatoda vasica Nees. (Acanthaceae), 05-Z Bhaikur, Aroosa Halli S P LE Cow, buffalo and goat Wounds and inflammations externally application of leaves poultice 17 0.21 75 0.93
LE Human Diabetes and jaundice One cup of leaves juice is taken in a day
4 Aloe barbadensis Mill. (Liliaceae), 09-Z Kanwar-ghandal Dara H P RT Cow, buffalo and goat Gastro-intestinal Powdered roots are given with water for 4 days 14 0.17 32 0.4
LE Human Skin problems Leaf gel is burnt over the frypan and applied externally
5 Centella asiatica (L.) Urb. (Apiaceae), 33-Z Barhami Neelan bhoto H P LE Goat, buffalo and cow Diarrhea Leaves are roasted and cooled, fed twice a day for 3 days 37 0.46 37 0.46
LE Human Throat problems Leaf tea is used
6 Melia azedarach (L.) Pers (Meliaceae), 124-Z Daraik, Bakain Sarhadna T P LE   Intestinal worm and stomach flatulence Crushed leaves are fed along with bamboo leaves 65 0.81 70 0.87
LE Human High blood pressure 1 spoon of powdered fruit is taken at night with water
7 Morus nigra L. (Moraceae), 145-Z Kala toot, She-toot Dara T P LE Buffalo and cow Laxative Dried powdered leaves are given 17 0.21 25 0.31
FR Human Cough and throat infection Ripped fruit is eaten
8 Phyllanthus emblica L. (Phyllanthaceae), 208-Z Amla Daboola T P FR Buffalo cow and goat Anthrax Powdered fruit with Ocimum basilicum leaves is given orally 15 0.18 66 0.82
FR Human Fever The fruit is cooked in “lassi” and eaten
9 Rumex hastatus D.Don (Polygonaceae), 238-Z Katmal, Tehtur Najafpur S P WP Cow, buffalo and goat Appetite The whole plant is fed 9 0.11 31 0.38
WP Human Diarrhea Powdered roots are given with water
  1. aLife Habit/Life span; S, Shrubs; H, Herbs; C, Climbers; T, Trees; A, Annual; B, Biennial; P, Perennial
  2. bPlant Part(s); RT, Root; LE, Leaf; ST, Stem; FR, Fruit; SH, Shoot; WP, Whole Plant; BA, Bark; SD, Seed; RH, Rhizome; FL, Flower; GM, Gum; RE, Resin; BB, Bulb; TW, Twigs; PP, Pulp; SP, Spine
  3. cQuantitative Indices; RFC = Relative frequency of citation, FC = Frequency citation, ∑Ui = sum of uses, UV = Use values