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Table 3 Medicinal plants used for more than one treatment in Gau Island with common usage. Many medicinal plant species are used for cough and stomach ache

From: Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants on Gau Island, Fiji: differences between sixteen villages with unique characteristics of cultural value

No Scientific name
Fijian local name
  Wounds/symptoms Common usage
1 Ageratum conyzoides L
4 Skin boil, Cough, Stomach-ache, Stomach bloated Anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive agents [23], cognitive enhancing effects [24], infected wounds and antitetanic [26]
2 Bidens pilosa L
2 Cough, Asthma Preventing diabetes [29, 30]
3 Polyscias fruticose (L.)
2 Stomach-ache, Sun stroke Mmale fertility [31]
4 Morinda citrifolia L
Drauni kura
2 A lump under armpit, Stomach-ache Triterpenic glycoside [35]
5 Oberonia glandulosa
2 Asthma, Stomach-ache It is reputed to be useful in alleviating pains in the chest and back, for adults. This small orchid has a flower that is imitative of a lizard, and is said to be good for pain in the lungs and back [36]
6 Centella asiatica
3 Cough, Asthma, Stomache-ache Anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive agents [23], and cognitive enhancing effects [24]
7 Rhizophora samoensis
2 Cough, Disease of the tongue It has reportedly been used to treat angina, boils, and fungal infections [37]
8 Mussaenda raiateensis
Bovo (Vobo)
2 Asthma, Headache It is positive for antimicrobial activity [38]
9 Phymatosorus scolopendria
2 Asthma, Stomach-ache Strengthen mothers after childbirth [16]
10 Vitex trifolia L
3 Internal piles, Sore throat, Toothache It exhibited moderate inhibiting activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria [39]
11 Mikania micrantha
2 Incisura, Stomache-ache The leaves are considered to be a remedy for irritation of the skin and to sooth the sharp pain occasioned by the stings of hornets, bees, etc. [40]
12 Dalbergia candenatensis
2 Backache, Boils from inside Antidiarrhoeal [42], and anti-inflammatory [33]
13 Carica papaya L
2 Incisura, Toothache Minerals and vitamins, carotenoids, polyphenols, ABTS and CAA50 [41]