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Table 1 Surveyed locations within study area

From: A study of the plant folk nomenclature of the Yi people in Xiaoliangshan, Yunnan Province, China, and the implications for protecting biodiversity

Town Village/community Longitude Latitude Altitude(m) Population
Dàxing town Well-off homes community 100.861411E 27.304879N 2255 2329
Dàxing town Riverside Homes Community 100.865977E 27.284771N 2255 2840
Dàxing town Happy Homes Community 100.864976E 27.306978N 2255 6613
Nínglì township Nínglì Village 100.765049E 27.251272N 2400 4956
Nínglì township Báicǎopíng Village 100.71238E 27.174713N 2400 2043
Lànníqìng township Lànníqìng Village 100.983124E 27.225657N 2850 2891
Lànníqìng township Dàerdì Village 100.940823E 27.275785N 2750 2398
Xīnyíngpán township Xīnyíngpán Village 100.926102E 27.172216N 2500 4476
Xīnyíngpán township Dōng fēng Village 100.919985E 27.187754N 2654 3441
Xīnyíngpán township Máojiāxiāng Village 100.945282E 27.138304N 2600 4052
Pǎomǎpíng township Pǎomǎpíng Village 100.987172E 26.996425N 2680 4009
Pǎomǎpíng township Shālìpíng Village 101.013091E 26.969145N 2720 3297
Pǎomǎpíng township Yángchǎng Village 101.045571E 26.937666N 2480 1728
Chánzhànhé township Chánzhànhé Village 101.180402E 26.98326N 2900 4163
Chánzhànhé township Sāngǔshuǐ Village 101.077553E 26.973122N 2900 1627
Chánzhànhé township Gànhǎizǐ Village 101.135092E 27.066066N 1680 1387
Chánzhànhé township Wànmǎchǎng Village 101.095586E 27.033905N 2900 923