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Table 5 List of keywords entered in online search tools to find e-mails of target participants

From: Understanding interdisciplinary perspectives of plant intelligence: Is it a matter of science, language, or subjectivity?

Google Search Google Scholar Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine
Department of plant ecology Tropical plant ecology Plant ecology Plant ethnography Plant traditional knowledge
Department of botany Plant physiology Botany Ethnomedicine Magical plants
Tropical research insititute Indigenous knowledge plants Ethnobotany Plant ethnobiology Medicinal plants
Ethnobotany Shamanic healing Plant science Medicinal plant Sacred forests
Plant science research group Medicinal plant knowledge Plant physiology Forest dynamics Plant spiritual belief
Forest ecology group Anthropology plants Plant behavior Plant ecology  
Tropical plant ecology Ethnology plants Plant interaction   
Department of biology Ethnobotany ritual plants    
Ecosystem ecology research groups Ethnobotany medicinal plants    
Plant ecology research group Ethnobotany    
Center for enthnobotany Indigenous cosmology    
Botanical groups Plant traditional knowledge    
Ethnobotany people university Plant signaling behavior    
Ethnobotany people instituion     
Ethnobotany abstract books     
Plant science abstract books