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Table 6 Local preferred preparations and storage methods for edible mushrooms

From: Ethnomycological study on wild mushrooms in Pu’er Prefecture, Southwest Yunnan, China

Species Preparation Note Storage
Amanita caojizong, A. sinensis Make soup, stir-fry with little garlic  −   − 
Boletaceae Fried with garlic and chili (dry chili or fresh chili) Cooking time must be longer Slice and dry
Fry and soak in oil
Cantharellus spp. Stir-fried with little garlic  −  Dry
Craterellus cornucopioides Stir-fry with garlic and chili Cooking time is short to keep its crisp mouthfeel  − 
Lactifluus piperatus Chop mushrooms, then fry with garlic, dry chili and sour bamboo shoots or pickles  −   − 
Lactifluus volemus Fry with garlic, chili and meat  −   − 
Ramaria spp. Fry with garlic, dry chili and sour bamboo shoots or pickles  −  Dry
Russula griseocarnosa Cook with chicken soup  −  Dry
Russula virescens Stir-fry with garlic and fresh chili
Cook with meat soup
 −  Dry
Scleroderma yunnanense Slice, fry with garlic and chili Peel and soak in water before cooking to reduce bitter taste Slice and pickle with salt
Termitomyces spp. Make soup
Fried mushroom oil
 −  Fry and soak in oil
Thelephora ganbajun Fried with garlic, chili and bacon  −   − 
Tylopilus neofelleus Dry, slice and deep fry  −   −