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Table 1 Free list of agricultural plants species preferred by local population along the Pepital River in Alcântara, Brazil (n = 57)

From: Perceptions of environmental change and use of traditional knowledge to plan riparian forest restoration with relocated communities in Alcântara, Eastern Amazon

Portuguese common name English name Latin name Frequency Smith index
Mandioca Cassava Manihot esculenta 40 0.671
Milho* Maize Zea mais 37 0.530
Arroz* Rice Oryza sp. 24 0.302
Melancia* Watermellon Citrullus lanatus 19 0.199
Quiabo* Okra Abelmoschus esculentus 18 0.182
Macaxeira Manioc Manihot utilissima 14 0.171
Maxixe* Gherkin Cucumis anguria 17 0.156
Pseudo-Reliability = 0.976
  1. *non-native species.