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Table 5 Free list of the main trees species of the Pepital riparian forest according to local plant specialists in Alcântara, Brazil (n = 19)

From: Perceptions of environmental change and use of traditional knowledge to plan riparian forest restoration with relocated communities in Alcântara, Eastern Amazon

Common name Latin name Family Frequency Smith index Uses
Guanandi Symphonia globulifera Linn. f. Clusiaceae 15 0.523 M, T
Urucurana Virola surinamensis (Rol.) Warb. Myristicaceae 14 0.506 M, T, O
Jussara/Açai Euterpe oleraceae Mart. Arecaceae 16 0.491 F, H
Buriti Mauritia flexuosa L.F. Arecaceae 15 0.404 F, S
Mirim Humiria balsamifera (Aubl) St. Hill Humiriaceae 7 0.273  
Pindaíba Xylopia brasiliensis Sprengel Annonaceae 6 0.187  
Andiroba Carapa guianesenis Aubl. Meliaceae 5 0.171 M, T, O
Pseudo-Reliability = 0.970
  1. Legend of uses: F - fruit, M- medicinal, O– oil, T – timber, S- straw, H– heart palm.