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Figure 3

From: Indigenous knowledge, use and on-farm management of enset (Ensete ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman) diversity in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia

Figure 3

Enset landraces known to the farming communities of Wolaita in three different agro-ecological zones and ex situ collections of AARC (A) and according to different reports and AARC collections (B). In A, traditional agro-ecologies are categorized into lowland (<1,500 m), midland (1,500-2,500 m) and highland (>2,500 m) above sea level in Ethiopia. In B, references are (1): the present study; (5): Shumbulo et al., 2012 [24]; (3): Tsegaye and Struik, 2002 [11]; (4): Areka Agricultural Research Centre (AARC) (7° 09' N latitude and 37° 47' E longitudes) maintains national enset landrace collections that also include accessions from Wolaita (Haile, 2014 [33]).

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