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Table 3 Summary of crops species cultivation and importance of durum wheat in the studied areas

From: Anchoring durum wheat diversity in the reality of traditional agricultural systems: varieties, seed management, and farmers’ perception in two Moroccan regions

  Pre-Rif Atlas (ZS1-ZS5) Atlas ZS6
Number of different species 17 14 13
Most cited species (in addition to durum wheat) bread wheat (83%), olive tree (59%), faba bean (81%), barley (91%) faba bean (31%), alfalfa (51%), maize (31%), potato (30%), apple tree (32%) bread wheat (31%), olive tree (29%), barley (42%), potato (31%), apple tree (29%)
Species ranked as the most important in the farm Olive tree, durum wheat (83%), bread wheat durum wheat (91%), alfalfa durum wheat (86%), bread wheat
Other non negligible species coriander (9%), chick pea (54%) almond tree (31%), tomato (31%) plum tree (31%)
Average durum wheat area per farm (ha) 1.61 0.75 7.89
Average proportion of the farm area cultivated with durum wheat 35% 48% 54%
  1. In brackets is given the rate of self-consumption. All surveyed farms grew durum wheat.