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Table 3 Wild food plants according to The Four Tantras [30] and The Blue Beryl [31]

From: Traditional knowledge of wild food plants in a few Tibetan communities

Tibetan name Botanical identification Therapeutic properties
ri sgog Allium spp. All types of “mountain garlic” are heavy in quality and hard to digest, and increase appetite.
lcum lo Rheum palmatum L. Leaves from these two rhubarbs alleviate disorders arose from unbalance of the humour phlegm and improve appetite.
chu lo Rheum spiciforme Royle
zwa Urtica spp. Cooked nettles help to treat disorders arose from unbalance of the humour wind, generate heat, and aggravate bile and phlegm disorders.
lcam pa Malva verticillata L. When cooked, they generate heat and stop diarrhoea.
de khur Plantago depressa Willd.
dwa ba Arisaema spp. When cooked, it pacifies wind disorders, dries up abscesses, aggravates phlegm, and bile disorders.
sne’u Chenopodium album L. When cooked, it is harmful to eyes, and effective against constipation.
mon sne’u dmar po Amaranthus caudatus L. Chenopodium aristatum L. (Dysphania aristata (Linnaeus) Mosyakin & Clemants) C. botrys L. (Dysphania botrys (Linnaeus) Mosyakin & Clemants) When cooked, it pacifies all the three humours.
khur mang Taraxacum tibetanum Handel-Mazzetti When cooked, they are cool in quality, and alleviate hot disorders.
skyabs ?
sngo sga Cremanthodium spp. When cooked, it cures hot disorders associated with bile, and relieves headache.
lca ba Angelica sinensis (Oliver) Diels When cooked, they relieve phlegm and wind disorders.
ra mnye Polygonatum cirrhifolium (L.) All.
sgog sngon Allium rubellum auct. non Bieb.: Hook.f (A. jacquemontii Kunth) Allium carolinianum Redouté Allium fistulosum L. When cooked, it cures hot and wind disorders.
g.yer ma Zanthoxylum tibetanum C. C. Huang. (Zanthoxylum oxyphyllum Edgeworth) Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. It opens the channels, but it increases phlegm and wind humours.
go snyod Carum carvi L. It cures poisoning and fever, promotes appetite and digestive heat.
‘bam po Ligusticum pteridophyllum Franchet Heracleum millefolium Diels It alleviates swellings.