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Table 4 Uses of Brahea dulcis in the RBBM and adjacent areas

From: Ethnoecology of the palm Brahea dulcis (Kunth) Mart. in central Mexico

Part Product Uses/Description Place where made or sold
Entire plant   Ornamental: decorate houses and gardens San José Zoquital
New leaves Strips Raw material: strips used to form woven palm hats or other objects Ixmiquilpan market
  Mats Handcraft: sleeping mat. Tlaxco, Naxthé Taxhie
  Fans Handcraft: tool to fan fire in the stove Tlaxco, Naxthé Taxhie and Ixmiquilpan market
  Broom Handcraft: to sweep Ixmiquilpan
  Whisks Handcraft: to clean ashes from the stove. Ixmiquilpan
  Tortilla baskets Handcraft: container to hold tortillas. Ixmiquilpan, Naxthé, Taxhie and Tlaxco
  Bags Handcraft Tlaxco, Naxthe and Ixmiquilpan market
  Hats Handcraft Tlaxco, Naxthe Taxhie
  Miniature implements Handcraft and commercial: miniature household implements used as brooches, earrings Ixmiquilpan, Naxthe, Taxhie and Tlaxco
  Branch Religious: branch used in Palm Sunday ceremonies Tlaxco, Naxthé and Ixmiquilpan market
  Burial headpiece Religious: burial headpiece Tlaxco, Naxthé Taxhie
  Leaf strips Commercial: for tying vegetables Ixmiquilpan market
  Leaves Cooking: fresh leaves are used to wrap zacahuil (traditional Huastecan food) Huejutla de Reyes
  cloaks or raincapes (capote)* Handcraft: garment for rain protection Juárez Hidalgo
Green leaves Decoration Ornamental: for flower arrangements Ixmiquilpan,
  Fences Domestic: to delimit land. Naxthé
Dry leaves Combustible Fuel San José Zoquital
Fruit Food Alimentary: human food; the fruit is called capulín Atotonilco
Foliar bracts Pads pads for donkeys Ixmiquilpan market
  1. *Disuse.