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Table 1 Ethnic characteristics

From: Process and dynamics of traditional selling wild edible mushrooms in tropical Mexico

Ethnic group Population Settlements Economy Diet
Chinantecos 133,374 Oaxaca: Tlacoatzintepec, Sochiapan, Ayotzintepec, Usila, Chiltepec, Ojitlán, Jacatepec, Valle Nacional, Lalana, Petlapa, Jocotepec, Quiotepec, Yolox, Comaltepec and Tuxtepec Agriculture, cattling, hunting and gathering Corn, beans, chilly, pumpkin, "chayote", wild plants and animals
Ch'oles 161,766 Chiapas: Palenque, Tila, Tumbalá, Salto del agua and Sabanilla. Tabasco: Macuspana Corn agriculture, coffee, fruits and cattling Corn, fruits, roots, vegetables and meat
Zoques 51,464 Chiapas: Pichucalco, Reforma, Estación Juárez, Amatán, Ixtacomitán and Tapilula. Tabasco: Huimanguillo and Teapa Corn agriculture, coffee, wood, cacao and labor Corn, beans, chilly and wild edibles
Chontales 38,561 Tabasco: Centla, Centro, Jonuta, Nacajuca and Macuspana Intensive agriculture, cacao, coffee, tobacco, sugar cane, fishing and hunting Corn, beans, chilly, pumpkin and fish