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Table 1 Ethnoveterinary medicines used for horses in Trinidad and Tobago

From: Ethnoveterinary medicines used for horses in Trinidad and in British Columbia, Canada

Scientific name Family Common Name Plant part used Use
Aloe vera Liliaceae Aloes Leaf gel anhydrosis, Retained placenta, Tendon problems
Capsicum annuum L., Capsicum frutescens Solanaceae pepper leaf Anhydrosis
Cecropia peltata Cecropiaceae Bois canôt Leaf Anhydrosis, Kidney problems
Cordia curassavica Boraginaceae Black sage Leafy branch Grooming
Curcuma longa Zingiberaceae Turmeric Rhizome Retained placenta
Desmodium sp. Fabaceae Speedweed   Enhance performance
Momordica charantia Cucurbitaceae Caraaili Vine Tonic, blood purifier, skin rashes
Mucuna pruriens Fabaceae Cow itch Leafy branch Enhance performance
Musa species Musaceae Banana Fruit Diarrhoea
Nasturtium officinale Brassicaceae Watercress Leaf Increase blood count
Nopalea cochenillifera Cactaceae Rachette Joint Diaphoretic, tendon problems
Oxalis corniculata Oxalidaceae Speedweed   Enhance performance
Panicum maximum* Poaceae Wiz/Guinea grass Leaf Grooming
Pimenta racemosa Myrtaceae Bay leaves Leaf Diaphoretic
Psidium guajava Myrtaceae Guava Leaf, bud Diarrhoea
Pueraria phaseoloides Fabaceae Kudzu Leaf High protein feed
Ricinus communis Euphorbiaceae Castor bean leaf Leaf Tendon problems
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis Verbenaceae Vervine Leaf High protein feed
  1. *Respondent identification was not confirmed.