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Table 1 List of animals and their parts use for therapeutic purpose in the studied area.

From: Animals and their products utilized as medicines by the inhabitants surrounding the Ranthambhore National Park, India

English Name Scientific Name Local Name Part used No. of Informants reporting the use Method of preparation and medicinal use Related earlier reported use in India [Ref.]
1. Indian ass Equs hemionus Gadha Dung 2 Dung kept in water and after one day filtered water is given to cure jaundice.  
2. Cow Bos indicus Gai Urine 18 Weakness due to fever is cure by drinking urine.  
    Urine 2 Given to cure cancer.  
    Dung + Milk 20 Muscle pain can relieve by smear of dung and milk mixture. The Dried dung is burnt and ash is applied to treat utricaria in Kachchh [15].
    Ghee 5 250 gm Ghee + 100 gm Black pepper mixture given orally to neutralize snake poison.  
3. Dog Canis familiaris Kukaro Urine 22 Used as eardrop for curing earache. Also reported by Naga tribe of Nagaland [11].
4. Goat Capra indicus Bakri Urine 3 Urine of goat administered orally to cure tuberculosis. Reported by Ao [12] and Naga [11] tribe for asthma, T.B., paralysis, and by Tamilnadu tribe for insect bite [13].
    Milk 22 Mouth ulcer is treated by direct spray of milk from breast of goat to tongue of a patient.  
5. Human Homo sapiens Manakh Urine 24 Human urine is used as antiseptic for wound healing. Also reported by Naga tribe of Nagaland [11].
6. Indian Peafowl Pavo cristatus Mor Leg 5 Peacock's leg is rubbed with water and this essenced water is used in ear infections Also reported by Naga tribe of Nagaland [11], Bhil of Rajasthan [19]. Legs boil with oil in kachchh [15] and Maharastra [17] for similar purpose.
7. Pig Sus scrofa Soor Fat 12 Fat of pig is use as massage cream in muscular pain. Also reported by Ao tribe of Nagaland [12], but fat of pig used for Hemorrhoids in Tamilnadu [13].
8. Sambhar Cervus unicolor Sambhar Antler 2 Antler is rubbed with water this paste is applied in eye ailments. Also reported in Kachchh of Gujrat [15].
9. Sheep Capra sp. Menda Milk 23 Used as massage cream in muscular pain.  
10. House sparrow Passer domesticus Cheedi Fecal 20 Fecal matter is applied in the anus of baby to treat constipation. Ash of excreta is used for treatment of asthma in children is reported in Kchchh [15].
11. Pigeon Columba livia Kabutar Fresh blood 14 The fresh blood is massaged externally to treat paralysis. Same use reported in Kachchh [15] and Tamilnadu [13].
12. Collared dove Streptopelia sp. Kamedii Flesh 3 To attain early puberty girls eat flesh of collared dove.  
13. Hardshelled Turtle. Kachuga tentoria Kachhua Carapace 7 Ash of carapace is used in lung diseases as cough, asthma, T. B. etc. Ash of Lissemys punctatus' Carapace is used for healing of internal injuries, pruritis and cough (Kachchh) [15].
14. Honey bee Apis indica Mokh Honey 21 Used as eye drops to cure eye disease. Honey is used for cough and could. (Tamilnadu tribes) [13] [16].
15. Bivalves Mactra sp. Seepi Shell 3 Shell of sepia is rubbed with clarified butter (ghee) and red lead (sindoor) to apply on acne to cure.