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Table 1 Selected species used for gastrointestinal disorders and called "té" (tea) or "manzanilla/kamamila" (camomile) in Navarra

From: Analyzing factors that influence the folk use and phytonomy of 18 medicinal plants in Navarra

  Species Habitat Local name PUa Pb Popular use Cc
    Spanish Basque     
Medicinal plants named "té"
1 Bidens aurea (Aiton) Sherff (PAMP 19668–19675) Cultivated Té Americano, té del fraile   AP I Stomach ache. 8
2 Jasonia glutinosa (L.) DC (PAMP 18642, 18768–18771) Cracks, rock ledges and fissures Té de roca, té de peña   AP I Digestive, stomach ache, to purify the blood and Raise the spirits, clear the mind. 113
3 Jasonia tuberosa (L.) DC (PAMP 18772, 18773) Marly substrate   AP I Stomach ache and to Raise the spirits. 34
4 Sideritis hyssopifolia L. subsp. guillonii (Timb.-Lagr.) Rouy (PAMP 18698, 18699, 18750, 18751) Cracks, rock ledges and fissures Té de roca   AP I Digestive, stomach ache and to bloating. 5
Medicinal plants named "kamamila or manzanilla"
1 Anthemis arvensis L. (PAMP 18758) RUDERAL Manzanilla basta   FT I Digestive, stomach acidity, gut pain. 8
2 Chamaemelum nobile (L.) All. (PAMP 18640, 18641, 18759–18763) Temperatura pasture Manzanilla, manzanilla fina, manzanilla de monte, manzanilla de Urbasa, Aralar Kamamila FT I Digestive, gut pain, for bad mood, stomach acidity, laxative, anti-diarrhoeal, tranquillizer. 119
3 Helichrysum stoechas (L.) Moench subsp.stoechas (PAMP 18766, 18767) Dry or stony pastures Manzanilla, manzanilla dulce, manzanilla fina   FT I Digestive 15
4 Matricaria recutita L. (PAMP 18764) Cultivated Manzanilla   FT I Stomach ache 5
5 Santolina chamaecyparissus L. subsp. squarrosa (DC) Nyman (PAMP 18643–18649, 18749, 18775–18782) Open scrubland and dry or stones pastures Manzanilla, manzanilla de monte, manzanilla basta, manzanilla de burro, hierba para el mal de las gallinas   FT I Digestive, headache, stomach ache, belly pain, stomach problems, to clean the blood (depurative), tranquillizer nuisance and veterinary (digestive for sheeps). 169
       HB (D) Woman hygiene.  
6 Tanacetum parthenium (L.) Sch. Bip. (PAMP 18650, 18783, 18784) Cultivated Manzanilla de huerta, manzanilla amarga San Juan Lorek FT I Digestive, stomach ache, bile problems. 8
       HB (D) Woman hygiene.  
       R To protect the country house from storms and misfortune. 10
  1. a) PU: part used; AP: aerial part; FT: floral top
  2. b) D: decoction; HB: hip bath; I: infusion; R: rite; V: veterinary use.
  3. c) C: Citations.