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Table 1 Traditional uses of Erythrina senegalensis in Dioila

From: Ethnopharmacological uses of Erythrina senegalensis: a comparison of three areas in Mali, and a link between traditional knowledge and modern biological science

Indications (Number of citation Plants parts used Mode of preparation Added substances Mode of Administration
Amenorrhoea (22 citation) Root powder Cola nitida nut (alternatively) fumigation of sexual organs,
   maceration   consume in porridge or coffee
   decoction honey, Pennisetum sp oral
    meat soup or cereal consume
  Flower decoction Cola nitida nut oral, body bath
   powder   consume in porridge
  Bark powder Cola nitida nut oral
   infusion   oral
Malaria, Neuralgic malaria (12 citations) Root powder   consume in porridge or water
   maceration roots of Entada Africana and Cochlospermum planchoni, lemon oral
   decoction   oral, body bath
  Stem bark powder   Fumigation, infusion, body bath
   decoction   oral
   maceration   oral
  Leaves and Root decoction   oral
Jaundice (10 citation) Root decoction   oral
   maceration   oral
   powder water oral
   infusion   oral
  Bark decoction   oral
   maceration Pennisetum sp oral
  Leaves and bark decoction   oral, body bath
Tonic (9 citations) Root decoction   oral
  Bark decoction Pennisetum sp oral, consume with porridge
  leaves decoction   body bath
Gastrointestinal disorders (8 citations) Root decoction Pennisetum sp, honey consume
   maceration milk oral
  Leaves decoction   oral
   powder porridge consume
  Bark powder porridge consume
   maceration   oral
Dysmenorrhoea (5 citations) Root maceration Pennisetum sp oral
   powder water oral, fumigation
   decoction   oral
  Bark decoction   body bath
  Flower powder   consume
Oedema (5 citations) Root decoction root of Entada africana, honey oral, external application on the oedema site
   powder water  
   macerate Pennisetum sp oral
Infections (4 citations) Root decoction Pennisetum sp oral, external application
   maceration Pennisetum sp oral
  Bark decoction   oral
   maceration Pennisetum sp oral
Fever (4 citations) Root powder water oral
  Leaves/root/bark decoction   oral
Anuria (2 citations) Root maceration   oral
  Bark maceration   oral
Inflammation (2 citations) Bark powder Butyrospermun parkii nut butter external application
   carbonise banana peal, butter external application
Contraceptive (2 citations) Seeds    oral
Somnolence Root decoction   oral
Prostate Root decoction spicy rice or millet food consume
Onchocercosis Bark decoction leaves of Leptadenia hastata oral, body bath
Backache Bark powder Butyrospermun parkii nut butter back massage with ointment
Abortion Root powder fruit of Aframomun melegueta, salt oral
Child night diseases (fever, insomnia) Root maceration   oral, body bath
Snake-bite Root decoction   external application
Dizziness Leaves decoction   steam bath, body bath
Secondary sterility Leaves decoction   oral
Nose bleeding Root carbonise   nose application
Pneumonia Root decoction   steam bat, body bath
Anxiety Bark powder   fumigation
Child internal wound Bark powder porridge consume
Metroragi Leaves/bark decoction   oral, body bath