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Table 5 List of medicinal plants for treating both human and livestock diseases in the study area, Wonago Woreda

From: An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Wonago Woreda, SNNPR, Ethiopia

Families Scientific name Local name Habit Preparation and application Diseases treated Voucher Number
Acanthaceae Justicia schimperiana (Hochst.ex A. Nees) T.Anders Dummiuggae Sh Pounded fresh/dry leaves is concocted with bark of Croton macrostachyus is taken orally for three days. Intestinal parasites FM30
Asparagaceae Asparagus africanus L. 'Uffae ' Sh Powder of dry root with butter is applied on wound Wound FM206
Asteraceae Vernonia auriculifera Hiern Dangireto Sh Crushed, pounded and mix with cold water, one cup of the filtrate is given for adult, one-half of the cup for children for three days. For livestock Crushed, pounded root mixed with cold water is administered orally Snake poison FM144
Asteraceae Xantium strumarium L. Dehanekayae H The plant part squeezing it through clean locally made cloth for five days on affected part or wash the affected part for both diseases. Skin infection FM9
Boragnaceae Cordia africana Lam. Waddissa T Powdered dry root bark is sprinkled on burning charcoal and smoke is inhaled covered by cloth. For livestock root bark is smoked in the barn Evil eye FM167
Celastraceae Maytenus senegalensis (Lam.) Excell Shekko Sh Powdered fresh/dry seed with water or butter is taken with coffee or tea as drink for five days. Epilepsy FM54
     Powdered fresh/dry seed with Ocimum lamiifolium seed is take with coffee as drink Headache  
     For livestock root powder mixed with leaf of Ocimum lamiifolium is administered orally Febrile Disease  
Malvaceae Sida schimperiana Hochst. ex A.Rich Gebresede Sh Crushed, pounded, and boiled with water and cooled for 2 hours and 2 glasses are served as a drink. Epilepsy FM170
     For livestock leaf powder is mixed with water is administered orally for three days before grazing Mental problem  
Polygonaceae Rumex nepalensis Spreng. Dangago H Paste of fresh/dry stem powder with butter is applied topically Wound FM10
Rubiaceae Pentas schimperiana (A. Rich) Vatke Dibexxo Sh Fresh/dry root bark powder mixed with water is taken orally Epilepsy(human) Mental problem (livestock) FM78
Sapindaceae Dodonaea angustifolia L.F. Ittechhae Sh Crushed, pounded dry fruit with water is applied Ectoparasite FM83
     Powdered dry fruit with water is given orally Lymphatic swelling  
Simaroubaceae Brucea antidysenterica J.F.Mill Kapparro Sh Powdered fresh root bark mixed with water is applied topically Wound FM202
Tiliaceae Grewia ferruginea Hochst ex A. Rich Ogomdii Sh Crushed, pounded fresh/dry root bark with roots of Ensete ventricosum and mixed with water and kept overnight is given orally Cough FM121
Verbenaceae Lantana camara L. Yewef kollo Sh Dry stem powder mixed with water is taken orally Diarrhea FM146