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Table 1 Weeds of maize fields commercialized in the permanent and weekly markets of Nanacamilpa de Mariano Arista, Tlaxcala, Mexico (prices in Mexican pesos of 2006 and for fresh weight; 1 US Dollar = 10.50-11.00 pesos in that year).

From: Crop and non-crop productivity in a traditional maize agroecosystem of the highland of Mexico

Species (scientific and common name) Price Dry season
Price Rainy season
Amaranthus hybridus (quintonil) 15.00/kg 6.00/kg
Chenopodium berlandieri (quelite cenizo) 8.00/kg 5.00/kg
Calandrinia micrantha (lengüitas, chivitos) 8.00/kg 5.00/kg
Malva parviflora (malva) 8.00/kg 6.00/kg
Brassica rapa (nabo) 12.00/kg 5.00/kg
Gnaphalium sp. (gordolobo) 32.00-40.00/kg --------
Tagetes lucida (pericón) --------- 24.00-32.00/kg