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Table 2 Economic value of the average biomass production of maize fields in Nanacamilpa in 2006; in Mexican pesos (approximately 10.50 to 11.00 to an American dollar in that year).

From: Crop and non-crop productivity in a traditional maize agroecosystem of the highland of Mexico

Product Average production Farm-level selling price Cost of harvest/commercialization kg-1 Gross value Total cost of harvest/commercialization Net value
Forage (fresh weight) 9.7 ha-1 1.00 kg-1
0.40 kg-1 9,700 ha-1 3,880 ha-1 5,820
Edible plants (quelites; fresh weight) 5 t ha-1 5.00 kg-1 4.00 kg-1
25,000 ha-1 20,000 ha-1 5,000
Maize stover (dry weight) 3.7 t ha-1 1.00 kg-1 8.50/25 kg (packing machine) 3,700 ha-1 1,300 ha-1 2,400
Maize grain (dry weight) 1.5 t ha-1 1.30 kg-1 20.00 (harvest and degraining of
50 kg)
1,950 ha-1 600 ha-1 1,350
- 2,500 cost of cultivation
      Net economic value of production 12,070.00 (ca. 1150 US $)
  1. a) Amount based on relation with alfalfa (1.30 pesos kg-1 at farm level) and willingness-to-pay data.
  2. b) Whereas the majority of the products are or could be used within the farm, and can be calculated as being worth the farm-gate price of replacement or of a similar product, 5 t of edible herbs clearly exceeds the capacity of consumption of one family. We calculated 3 pesos/kg harvest cost (4 kg harvest/hour, cost of 1 h 12.50 pesos) and 1 peso/kg marketing cost (for transport to wholesaler, or sale within the community). - Edible plants can be used alternatively as forage, where they would have somewhat lower net worth (value is much lower, but costs are also less, because they don't have to be harvested separately by species).