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Table 7 Parts of animal used, age and gender preference and, conditions treated with Pangolins

From: Utilisation of Pangolin (Manis sps) in traditional Yorubic medicine in Ijebu province, Ogun State, Nigeria

S/N Parts required Age preference Gender preference Conditions treated
1 Scales - - To cure stomach disorders (Ogun Inu rirun, arunsu)
2 Head Adult - To remove dizziness (Ogun oyi oju ati inu)
3 Scales - - To cure stomach ulcers (Ogun ogbe inu)
4 Head - - To arrest thieves or protect properties (Imole, Arimole, Kikanse Ole)
5 Scales - - To cure gonorrhoea (Ogun Atosi)
6 Whole animal Adult Pregnant Female To remove barreness in woman (Ogun idaduro fun obinrin laganlagan)
7 Whole animal Newborn - For invisibility (isiju iriran ariran)
8 Whole animal Adult Female To enable womb to retain semen (ogun eda obirin)
9 Whole animal - - For good sales of markets (wares) (awure itaja)
10 Whole animal Juvenile Female To hypnotise female for sexual abuse (Amudo)
11 Whole animal Adult Pregnant Female To prevent miscarriage (ogun oyun dide yiya)
12 Whole animal Adult Pregnant Female To remove fibroid tissue (ogun oyun iju)
13 Whole animal Adult Female To regulate menstrual period (ogun alase) and aid pregnancy (ogun aremo)
14 Whole animal Adult Pregnant Female For foetus movement and development (ogun oyun jiji, didagba)
15 Whole animal Adult Female Love potion (Iferan), to win, seduce, commandeer woman for marriage (fife, gigba obirin)
16 Whole animal Adult Female For good delivery (Ebi, ogun awebi, bibi alaboyun)
17 Whole animal Adult Pregnant Female To eject (deliver) overdue pregnancy (ogun oyun pipe)
18 Whole animal - - Against sexual acts in dreams (ogun esunkun, oko orun)
19 Whole animal Adult Male To aid male potency (ogun aleko, afato)
20 Whole animal - Female To control womb (waist) worms in women (ogun okinisa-latan latan)
21 Scales - - To regulate menstrual period (ogun alase)
22 Whole animal Adult - Money rituals (asiri owo)
23 Scales - - To cure male/female genital itching/swelling problem (ogun eyo okunrin/irobo obirin)
24 Scales - - To cure or relief female vaginal swelling (ogun irobo tabi ido obinrin)
25 Scales - - Healing of wounds/cuts
26 Flesh Adult - Calmness of hardened mind.(Eyo nu).
27 Flesh/Scales - - Protection
28 Scales Adult Female Wading off witches/evil forces
29 Eyes Juvenile - Kleptomania
30 Scales/Flesh - - Mental illness
31 Scales/Flesh - - Antidote/cure for sexual poison (magun)
32 Head Juvenile Female Wading off/curing bad luck
33 Scales/Bones - - Stroke
34 Scales - - Anti-poison
35 Head - - Convulsion
36 Scales Adult Female Preventing witchcraft attack
37 Bones Adult - Back pain
38 Scales - - Aphrodisiacs/potency for men
39 Bones - - Rheumatism
40 Scales - - Amulets
41 Whole animal Adult Female Appeasing witches and evil spirits
42 Whole animal Adult - Prevention of curses, spells and hypnosis