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Table 4 Amulet-like materials carried by the inhabitants of the Serra da Jibóia region to repel snakes.

From: 'Offensive' snakes: cultural beliefs and practices related to snakebites in a Brazilian rural settlement

Material Local name N° of citation Part used
Anacardium occidentale L. Cashew nut 4 Seed
Annona crassiflora Mart. Aticum 7 Seed
Bowdichia sp. Sucupira 4 Seed
Joannesia princeps Vell. Macaw nut tree 6 Seed
Tinamus solitarius (Vieillot, 1819) Solitary tinamou 15 Head
Crypturellus noctivagus zabele (Spix, 1825) Yellow-legged tinamou 11 Head
Venomous snakes . . . 3 Snakestone
Arsenic bisulphur Rosalgar 29 Stone
Men's trousers Button 1 Button