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Table 10 Comparison between medicinal use of the same species by the Asháninka of Bajo Quimiriki and the neighbouring group Yanesha, based on data from the present study and Valadeau et al. 2010 [60]

From: Asháninka medicinal plants: a case study from the native community of Bajo Quimiriki, Junín, Peru

Botanic family
Scientific determination (herbarium number)
Use by the Yanesha
(from Valadeau et al. 2010)
Use in the Asháninka community of Bajo Quimiriki
Iresine diffusa Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd. (CA06, IS02, LI4, PE2) Malaria Intestinal parasites, liver complaints
Syngonium podophyllum Schott (R9, 2814, DH09, DH04) Wounds, burns To correct irregular menstruation, to extract caried teeth, toothache, contraceptive, Intestinal parasites, joint dislocations, anaemia, osteoarthritis, browses and swellings
Philodendron ernestii Engl. (FL25) Intestinal parasites Intestinal parasites
Bactris gasipaes Kunth (DH05) Mal aire Intestinal parasites
Bidens pilosa L. (0207, R3, LI25, PL13, ROM1, FL3) Flu, muscular pain, liver pain, fever, malaria, urinary and uterine infections, trauma, to have an eternal love Burned skin, to prevent formation of scars, to give birth rapidly, to prevent hair loss, dandruff, contraceptive, to make babies walk fast, skin spots
Mikania micrantha Kunth (PL18) Mal aire, protection against the illnesses from the river, throat pain Headache, arthritis, chacho, sorcery, arcoiris, pokio, alcoholism, acne
Munnozia hastifolia (Poepp.) H.Rob. & Brettell (R27) General body pain, stomach ache, gynaecological disorder, kidney pain, leishmaniasis, infected wounds, to clean the baby just after birth, stomach infection, diarrhoea, liver pain, protection for children Cholera, sorcery, kidney-complaints, gastritis, wounds, malaria, to stop dreaming dead people, stomach ache, mal aire, fever, cholesterol
Tessaria integrifolia Ruiz & Pav. (0102, PL21) Liver and kidneys pain, urinary inflammation, prostatic pain, throat pain Kidney-complaints, ovary inflammation, general not well being, swallen feet, 'pokio', 'chacho'
Jacaranda copaia D.Don (R93) Malaria or fever preventive, infected pimples, itching dermatosis, leishmaniasis Leishmaniasis, wound healing
Mansoa alliacea (Lam.) A.H. Gentry (4022) Diarrhoea with stomach pain, fever, flu, cold, rheumatic pain, skin ulcers, boils Mal aire
Bixa orellana L. (2810, 2907) Heart pain, prostate inflammation, anorexia, eye pain To prevent hair loss, eye infection, prostate, diarrhoea, wounds, stomach infection, cancer, kidney-complaints, to bathe babies
Chenopodium ambrosioides L. (PL1, 0206, 0602, 0907) Abdominal pain with gas, intestinal parasites Intestinal parasites, colics, fever, diarrhoea, to bathe babies
Cyclanthus bipartitus Poit. (R87) Ant's bite (fever) To prevent hair loss, sorcery, mal aire
Euphorbia heterophylla L. (WA01, 2915) Leishmaniasis Wound healing, eye infection
Manihot esculenta Crantz (2914) Mal aire: muscular pain To cure bites of dogs with rabies
Calliandra angustifolia Spruce ex Benth. (1002, 0604) Tiredness of old persons, stomach ache, purgative To strenghten newborn babies, to make babies walk fast, to strenghten elderly people
Dicranopteris pectinata (Willd.) Underw. (PE29) General malaise To strenghten newborn babies
Xiphidium caeruleum Aubl. (R55,0606, R41, 4004, 4007) Hair care, wounds Bone fractures, joint dislocations, browses and swellings, to strenghten hair, to enhance hair growth, 'mal agua' to bathe babies
Eleutherine bulbosa (Mill.) Urb. (2103, 2909) Intestinal haemorrhage, vomiting with blood, fever Contraceptive, haemorrhage
Gossypium barbadense L. (0508, 0906) Ear pain, caterpillar burn, dysentery, abdominal cramps, post partum care To strenghten newborn babies, acne
Sida rhombifolia L. (WA02, 2924) Swellings, gynaecological disorders, pain in the ovary, rheumatic pain, arthritis, heart pain To prevent hair loss, colics, mal aire, kidney-complaints
Psidium guajava L. (2930) Diarrhoea with intestinal cramps and fever Diarrhoea
Piper peltatum (L.) Miq. (2911, 0114, 4003) Boils, venomous fish bite, wounds, infection post partum To give birth without pain, to release the placenta after giving birth
Piper aduncum L. (R10,0603, 2806) Boils, fever, rheumatism, cold Wound healing, high fever, ulcers, mal aire, vaginal infection, sorcery, menstruation pain, cramps, emesis stomach ache, cough, to disinfect wounds, fungal infections
Hamelia patens Jacq. (2803, 2903) Threath of miscarriage, fever, malaria, dysentery, burns, herpes, skin infection, disease caused by rainbow spirits To disinfect wounds, browses and swellings, stomach ache, headache
Uncaria guianensis (Aubl.) J. F. Gmel. (R19, PA3, R56, 4015, 4017) Gynaecological disorder (uterine haemorrhage), internal wounds, rheumatic pain, general fortificant Osteoarthritis, kidney-complaints, ulcers, liver-complaints, cold, cancer, penis extender,ovary inflammation, prostate, to abort, stomach ache, inflammation
Uncaria tomentosa (Willd.) DC. (PA4) Gynaecological disorder (uterine haemorrhage), internal wounds, rheumatic pain, general fortificant Arthritis, kidney-complaints, stomach ache, inflammation, cold, prostate
Scoparia dulcis L. (0912) Burns, herpes, skin infections, pimples (diseases caused by the rainbow spirits); 'susto': miscarriage caused by rainbow spirits, fever, dysenteria To prevent hair loss
Physalis pubescens L. (WA5) Ovary pain Stomach ache, diarrhoea, intestinal parasites
Heliocarpus americanus L. (R14) Stomach ache with strong fever, kidney pain, traumas, bruises, swellings, to facilitate birth Gastritis, stomach ache, prostate, to give birth rapidly, kidney-complaints, ovary inflammation, inflammation of urinary duct
Urera cf. baccifera (R90, R92) Diarrhoea, stomach ache, rheumatic pain, cough, flu Mal aire, kidney-complaints, seeing shadows, headache, pain in the muscles after work, general not well being, cramps
Urera laciniata Wedd. (R32, 2817) Malaria Sorcery, kidney-complaints, prostate, cramps, Sorcery, mal aire, osteoarthritis, fever, measles, to improve male libido
Stachytarpheta cayennensis (Rich.) Vahl (2805) Snake bites Snake bites