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Table 3 List of medicinal plants (25 spp.) surveyed in the district of Massingir in 1960-70.

From: Ethnobotanical survey in Canhane village, district of Massingir, Mozambique: medicinal plants and traditional knowledge

Scientific name* Local name Diseases- Gaza district
Limnophyton obtusifolium (L.) Miq. NA Ear diseases
Chenopodium ambrosioides L. Kanunka uncono Intestinal ulcers; Stomach-aches
Hermbstaedtia odorata (Burch.) T. Cooke Chomeli Diuretics; Stomach wash
Lannea schweinfurthii (Engl.) Engl. chiumbocanhe, chebombocanho, munganicomo Abdominal pain; Choleric diarrhea; Cough; Tuberculosis
Ozoroa obovata (Oliv.) R.Fern. & A. Fern. xinungu, chimungumango, chinungo, chinungumafe, chinungumafi Diarrhea; Laxative; Pain
Sclerocarya birrea Sond. canhi (tree and fruit), tsula (tree), ditsula (fruit) Diarrhea; dysentery
Adenium multiflorum Klotzsch chimua Male sterility; Sexual performance
Pergularia daemia (Forssk.) Chiov. furana Antiemetic; Cough
Stylochiton natalensis Schott NA Ear diseases; Respiratory diseases; Tranquilizing
Ageratum conyzoides L. NA Abdominal disorders; Laxative
Commiphora africana (A. Rich.) Engl. NA Abdominal disorders; Asthma; Head ache; Stomach ache
Boscia mossambicensis Klotzsch Chimapamapane, chicutlu Eye disinfectant
Cadaba natalensis Sond. tssatssassana, mejacocone Tuberculosis
Capparis tomentosa Lam. caua, cahu Respiratory diseases; Tuberculosis
Cladostemon kirkii (Oliv.) Pax & Gilg tumangoma, mahuco, maúco, buguane, tambocolata Abdominal disorders; Colds; Sexual performance; Venereal diseases
Thilachium africanum Lour. compfa, compha Asthma; Diarrhoea; Edema; General pain; Vomiting
Elaeodendron schlechteranum (Loes.) Loes. chigugutzo; chigugusse Aphrodisiac; Deworming.
Maytenus senegalensis (Lam.) Exell Chixangua, Chichangua; chilhangua Bilharziosis; Bronchitis and tuberculosis; Convulsions; Diarrhoea and dysentery; Male and female sterility
Combretum apiculatum Sond. Chivonzôane, samabulile Abdominal pain; Conjunctivitis
Combretum imberbe Wawra Monzou; mondzo Bilharziosis; Stomach-aches
Combretum microphyllum Klotzsch Funté, mumbambanguene pfunte Abdominal pain; Bilharziosis; Diarrhoea; Female sterility
Combretum molle R.Br ex G. Don Chicucudze, xicucutce Antiabortifacients, Dysentery
Combretum mossambicense (Klotzsch) Engl. Futé, funté, fute Diarrhoea; Laxative
Combretum zeyheri Sond. NA Eye cleaning
Pteleopsis myrtifolia (M.A. Lawson) Engl. & Diels Ludzane Fever; Madness Male and female sterility
  1. NA = Not Available
  2. The table provides the family, scientific and local names, habit and diseases of 25 spp. surveyed in the district of Massingir mainly during the 60-70 s. *[11, 12, 43]