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Table 1 Illnesses and Corresponding Diets

From: Dietary restrictions in healing among speakers of Iquito, an endangered language of the Peruvian Amazon

aquíraja (see text) bad air, spirits wind
colic temperature spicy, cold
constipation bad food (too dry, certain fruits) none
diarrhea (simple) temperature, dirty water, bad food spicy, cold, heat, soup
dysentery temperature, dirty water spicy, pork, cold, heat, soup, oil
empacho (see text) bad food, temperature pork, cold, soup
parasites bad food, walking barefoot sweet
stomach ache temperature spicy, cold
bullet ant bite poisoning, mechanical spicy
scorpion sting poisoning, mechanical spicy, toothed animals, sex, cold, heat
snake bite poisoning, mechanical spicy, sour, pork, toothed fish and animals, sex, cold, heat
stingray sting poisoning, mechanical sex, cold
acariasis parasites, bad hygiene bad blood
burns physical spicy, sex, heat
isíicu (see text) bad blood, sympathetic magic, bad hygiene bad blood
leishmaniasis microbios (see text), spirits spicy, pork, toothed fish and animals, bad blood, sex, cold, heat
mouth sores bad blood, sympathetic magic none
múcuaay+ itúuja (see text) rainbow, sun, fog, bad air spicy, heat
pus-filled boils bad blood, physical spicy, bad blood, cold
wounds mechanical spicy, cold, heat
bronchitis bad air, temperature spicy, pork, sex, cold
cholera bad air, spirits, bad water sweet, spicy, pork, soup, sex, cold, heat
fever temperature cold, heat
flu bad air, spirits spicy, sex, cold, heat
malaria bad water, bad food, bad blood, mosquitoes, sexually transmitted, microbios (see text) spicy, pork, sex, cold, heat
measles bad air, spirits spicy, sour, toothed fish and animals, soup, sex, cold, heat, oil
tabardillo (see text) temperature cold, heat
whooping cough bad air, spirits sweet, spicy, sour, pork, toothed fish and animals, soup, sex, cold, heat
anemia bad blood, lack of blood, microbios (see text), bad hygiene sweet
corazonada (see text) emotional none
ear infections temperature cold, wind
eye problems mechanical, temperature, bad air spicy, heat, spider webs in the eyes
dislocations mechanical spicy, exertion
fractures mechanical spicy, exertion
general weakness lack of blood, malnutrition none
head ache temperature, bad blood none
haemorrhages temperature sweet, spicy, sour, toothed fish and animals, soup, sex, heat, exertion
hernia physical spicy, sex, cold, exertion
insomnia (in children) temperature, lack of blood none
kidney problems temperature, bad water spicy, pork, toothed fish and animals, alcohol
liver problems bad or strong food and drink, temperature spicy, pork, toothed fish and animals alcohol
love problems emotional none
pulsario (see text) emotional spicy, sour, toothed fish and animals, sex
rheumatism temperature spicy, sex, cold, heat
saladera (see text) personalistic hunting animals in forest, being seen by people
sobreparto (see text) mechanical cold
temper tantrum (in children) emotional none
uterine problems temperature, mechanical, microbios (see text) spicy, sour, toothed fish and animals, soup, sex, cold, heat, alcohol
witchcraft personalistic spicy, sour, pork, toothed fish and animals, bad blood, sex, cold