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Table 3 Edible plants with medicinal utility from wetlands of Manipur state, India.

From: Dietary use and conservation concern of edible wetland plants at indo-burma hotspot: a case study from northeast India

Scientific name Local name Parts eaten Other traditional uses
Alpinia galanga Kanghoo Rhizome Paste is eaten to treat intestinal worms; abortifacient and applied in leucoderma.
Alternanthera philoxeroides Kabo-napi Leaf Paste is applied on cut and injuries.
Amomum aromaticum Namra Seed Powder is taken to control high blood pressure.
Cardamine hirsuta Chantruk-man Leaf Paste is applied on cut and injuries.
Centella asiatica Peruk Whole plant Extract is tonic, given in cough and diabetes.
Colocasia esculenta Paan Petiole Juice is applied on cut and injuries.
Commelina bengalensis Wangden-khoibi Whole plant Decoction paste is applied on boils and burns. Hot fermented plant is applied on muscular sprain.
Dryopteris marginata Lai-changkhrang Leaf Paste used for cuts, injuries and on boils/burns.
Eclipta alba Uchi-sumban Plant Plant is astringent aphrodisiac and expectorant.
Enhydra fluctuans Komprek-tujombi Fresh plant Extract is given in diabetes.
Euryale ferox Thanging Fruit, leaf Raw fruit eaten against diabetes; leaf petiole paste applied on burns and boils.
Gynura cusimbua Tera-paibi Leaf Paste applied on injuries, cooked leaf eaten to cure diabetes and high blood pressure.
Hedychium coronarium Lok-lei Rhizome, leaf Paste of rhizome is eaten against cough, fever; leaf extract is given against throat complaint.
Hedyotis auricularia Langban-koukha Leaf Extract is given against dysentery and cough.
Ipomoea aquatica Kolamni Shoot Boiled leaf extract is used as ear-drop to treat ear-ache; leaf paste is applied on insect bite.
Jussiaea repens Ishing-kundo Leaf Paste is applied on cut and injuries and also on aching gums.
Jussiaea suffruticosa Tebo Leaf Paste is applied on fresh cut and injuries.
Lemanea australis Nung-sam Whole plant Plant is boiled and the soup is taken to cure diabetes.
Marsilea minuta Ishing-yensang Shoot/leaf Plant paste is applied on boils and burns.
Nasturtium indicum Uchi-hangam Leaf Paste is applied n cuts and skin diseases.
Nelumbo nucifera Thambal petiole Paste of petiole is applied on boils and burns.
Neptunia oleracea Ikaithabi Shoot Eaten raw in dysentery and intestinal infections.
Nymphoides indica Thariktha-macha Leaf Extract is applied on boils and burns.
Oenanthe javanica Komprek Shoot Boiled in little water and the filtrate is used as ear-drop to cure ear-ache.
Oxalis corniculata Yensil Plant Paste applied on boils and burns, cooked eaten in dyspepsia.
Persicaria posumba Kengoi Plant Eaten to cure diabetes, piles and intestinal disorder.
Pistia stratiotes Kang-jao Leaf Paste is applied on boils and blisters.
Plantago erosa Yempat Seed, plant Powder with little honey is given in fever; Boiled plant is used in muscular sprain.
Polygonum barbatum Yelang Fresh shoot Paste is taken to treat stomach disorder and dysentery.
Polygonum chinense Angom-yensil Plant Paste is given in cut and injuries, fever and dyspepsia.
Polygonum molle Leibung-tharam Shoot Crushed shoot and applied on wounds.
Polygonum plebejum. Okthum Plant Paste is applied on injuries.
Sagittaria sagittifolia Koukha Root Paste along with honey is given in cough.
Spilanthes acmella Chin-lengbi Flower Paste is given to treat jaundice and sore throat.
Stellaria media Yerum-keirum Fresh shoot Plant decoction is applied on fresh wounds, skin itching and nose bleeding.
Trapa natans Heikak Fruit Eaten for better blood circulation.
Viola pilosa Hui-khong Leaf Cooked and eaten to cure cough, running nose and stomach ulcer.
Zizania latifolia Ishing-kambong Inflorescence Infected inflorescence is roasted in fire and eaten to treat indigestion.