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Table 2 TEK subject domains for inclusion in the school curriculum

From: Perceptions of the value of traditional ecological knowledge to formal school curricula: opportunities and challenges from Malekula Island, Vanuatu

Subject domain Featured skills Support from TEK experts (n = 27) Support from teachers (n = 12) Support from officials (n = 10)
Traditional medicine Plant naming, illness naming and recognition, medicinal preparation 9 0 0
Agriculture Knowledge of traditional calendar, agricultural techniques, respect for appropriate social restrictions 7 3 0
Construction Weaving bamboo walls, trying thatch with vines, construction of 'kastom' style houses 7 1 0
Resource management Recognition of appropriate ownership and restrictions on natural resources 5 2 2
Respect Fostering of appropriate attitudes and values to property, people, and natural resources 6 0 0
Vernacular language Linguistic skills, vernacular literacy, learning of kastom stories and histories 10 7 6