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Table 1 Subsistence uses of mangrove woods in Littoral and South Cameroon.

From: Assessing forest products usage and local residents' perception of environmental changes in peri-urban and rural mangroves of Cameroon, Central Africa

Mangrove taxa Local name ('batanga', 'Duala') Part used Uses
Rhizophora spp. 'itanda' stems commercial firewood and charcoal, precarious house construction (poles), plank-making, flagstone support, fabrication of tables, chairs, boats/canoes immobilisation.
   branch domestic firewood, fencing.
   bark malaria treatment (external usages), stop ping of external haemorrhages, stomach illness (ingurgitation), tooth decay treatment, tainted fishing net.
   root fabrication of shuttle.
Avicennia germinans none reported stems commercial planks for construction, paddles, traditional boat/canoe construction, bench, chairs.
   branch domestic firewood.
   leaves, bark malaria treatment (external usages), smelly/stinky body.
Laguncularia racemosa none reported stems Boat/canoe construction, paddles, firewood (household consumption).
   leaves, bark treatment of measles, gonorrhoea, malaria, stomach illness.
Nypa fruticans 'Lende la djengu' leaves, fruits mat confection, wall dressings.
house roofs decoration.