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Table 1 Different ethnic groups, local names of Sclerocarya birrea and details of sampling (individual and group interviews) in the study zones

From: Local knowledge, pattern and diversity of use of Sclerocarya birrea

Study zone Sampled district Ethnic group Local name Male Female
Dry Sudanian Mallanville Dendi Luley, Moru-Moru, Diney 30 5
   Dendi Diney, Luley 83 32
   Gourmanche Bunamagbu 17 4
  Karimama   Bunamangshiabu (for female)   
    Bunamangjabu (for male)   
   Fulani Eedy 16 3
Sudanian Cobly M'Bermè Ubamingbu 18 15
  Tanguiéta Wama Damahabu 10 2
   Berba Namuak 15 4
   Gourmanche Bunamangshiabu 12 2
  1. The sampling details presented for the dry sudanian zone include participants to group discussions held in this zone.