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Table 2 Different plant organs used, processing methods, forms of uses, purpose of use and fidelity level (FL) of uses of Sclerocarya birrea per study zone

From: Local knowledge, pattern and diversity of use of Sclerocarya birrea

Organ Use category Processing method Form of use Purpose of use Fidelity Level (%)
      Dry Sudanian zone (n = 84) Sudanian zone (n = 77
     Malaria 46.43 3.90
     Stomach-ache 23.81* 35.06*
   Soak in cold water Drink the liquid Diarrhoea 11.90* 14.29*
Bark Medicine or   Haemorrhoids 5.95* 10.39
   Boil in water as infusion   Cough and tuberculosis 5.95* 10.39*
     Diabetes 5.91 -
    Rinse the mouth Tooth ache 10.9 -
    Take a bath Fortify infants 11.42 -
   Dry and reduce in powder Sprinkle wounds Wound healing 10.71 38.96
  Medicine Boil in water as infusion or pound fresh Wash the injured person or put pounded leaves in wounds Human and animal wound healing 14.29 11.69
Leaves   Harvest young leaves and recuperate the sap Put the sap on eyes Sore eyes 28.57 -
  Food Boil young leaves and mix with seasoning (dried peanut extract, red pepper, salt and other) Eat in form of "leaf bundle" Human nutrition 55.95 -
   Pound leaves with millet and transform in porridge Drink the porridge Milk production stimulation for nursing women 30.95 (100 for women) 1.30
  Pastoral Harvest the leaves from trees Give fresh leaves for cattle as forage Cattle care 79.76 46.75
Fruits Food Remove the flesh or make a hole on fruit and extract juice Eat
Drink juice
Human and animal nutrition 100* 96.10*
  Medicine Fresh fruit Rub the fruit juice against the body Stop itching or insect bite 8.33 -
Kernels Food Open the pit using rocks as hammer and anvil Snack food Human nutrition 100 49.35
  Firewood Collect dried wood Fire wood Home-use 67.86 87.01
Wood   Carving for agricultural tools Hand tools, wheels of plough Home-use 60.71 -
  Carving Carving for cultural and home use purposes Pestles, mortars, drums, stools, rosary, bowls, spoons, and canoes (large trees) Home-use 94.05 54.55
Roots Medicine    Swelling and gonococci healing 17.86 2.60
  1. Only uses with FL greater than 5% in at least one of the study zone are displayed. Values with same superscript (*) are not significantly different (Fisher Exact Test; P < 5%)