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Table 4 Generic polytipic taxa represented by different species of Lauraceae

From: Traditional knowledge among Zapotecs of Sierra Madre Del Sur, Oaxaca. Does it represent a base for plant resources management and conservation?

Zapotec name Spanish name Scientific name
Ya’a yexhs, ya ngud yexhs Aguacate Persea americana Mill.
Ya’a yexhs la nol, ya’a yexhs yii yab   Nectandra cuspidata Nees & Mart.
Ya’a yexhs ver Aguacatillo Ocotea atacta Lorea-Hern.
Ya’a yexhs xhol Aguacatillo, palo guatoso Persea aff. donnell-smithii Mez
Ya’a ngudyexhs que Aguacate piedra Persea nubigena L.O. Williams
Ya’a yexhs ngud kue tor Aguacate de toro Persea sp.
Ya’a yexhs nazi Aguacate oloroso Persea sp.
Ya’a yexhs conch   Persea sp.
Ya’a yexhs mes   Persea sp.
Ya’a yexhs nagus   Persea sp.
Ya’a yexhs yëg   Persea sp.
  1. In this case, the generic term is a’a yexhs.