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Table 1 Name, key physical characteristics including strength, durability and shrinkage and relative availability of indigenous wood species commonly used for food contact cookware

From: Assessment of local wood species used for the manufacture of cookware and the perception of chemical benefits and chemical hazards associated with their use in Kumasi, Ghana

No. Common name Botanical name Strength Natural durability Shrinkage Forest availability
1 Anwimfoosamina Albizia ferruginea Low Low Large Abundant
2 Asanfran Amphimas ferrugineus Low/Medium Low Large Average
3 Aprono Mansonia altissima medium Moderate/high Medium Average
4 Apru Nesorgordonia papaverifera Medium High Medium Abundant
5 Bamboo Oxytenanthera abyssinica Medium Low Small Abundant
6 Bese Cola nitida Medium Low Medium Below average
7 Besedua Cola acuminata Medium Low Medium Below average
8 Danta Cistanthera papaverifera Low Low Small Abundant
9 Emeri Terminalia ivorensis Medium High Medium Average
10 Esa Celtis africana Medium Low Medium Abundant
11 Esia Combretodendron africanum Medium Low Medium Abundant
12 Essia Petersianthus macrocarpus Medium/high Moderate Large Plentiful
13 Funtum Funtumia elastica Low Low Medium Average
14 Gaurea Gaurea reichard Medium Medium Small Below average
15 Hyedua Guibourtia ehie High High Medium/Large Below average
16 Kusea Nauclea diderrichii Medium Medium Medium Average
17 Kyere Pterygota macrocarpa Low/medium Low High Plentiful
18 Mahogany Khaya senegalensis Low/medium Moderate Medium Good
19 Mansonia (Aprono) Mansonia altissima Medium Medium/High Medium Good
20 Nkutodua Butyrospermum paradoxum Medium Medium Medium Scarce/Protected species
21 Nyamedua Alstonia boonei Low Low Medium Plentiful
22 Odandam - Medium Medium Medium Average
23 Odum Chloropora excelsa Medium High/very high Small/Medium Average
24 Oframum - Medium Medium Medium Average
25 Osina - Medium Medium Medium Average
26 Albizia Albizia adianthifolia Medium Very high Small Average
27 Papao Afzelia africana High Very high Small/medium Average
28 Redwood Sequoia sempervirens Medium Medium Medium Below average
29 Russia Nauclea diderrichii Medium/high Very high Medium/Variable Average
30 Sapelle (Penkwa) Entandrophragma cylindricum Medium Moderate Medium Average
31 Sese Funtumia africana Medium Low Large Average
32 Teak Tectoria grandis Medium High Small Plantation species
33 Wawa (Obeche) Triplochiton scleroxylon Low Low Small Abundant
34 Wonton Morus mesozygia High/Very high Low/Medium Medium Below average
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