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Table 3 Jaccard similarity index of the wild medicinal plants used in the Kosovar, Albanian, and Montenegrin Alps.

From: Medical ethnobotany of the Albanian Alps in Kosovo

Group I Group 2 Species used in both groups Species used in one group only
(Group 1/Group 2)
Jaccard Index
Albanians in Albania Albanians in Kosovo 13 24/45 15.9
Albanians in Albania Serbs and Bosniaks in Montenegro 21 16/94 16.0
Serbs and Bosniaks in Montenegro Albanians in Kosovo 32 83/36 21.2
  1. Comparison of the most quoted folk medicinal uses of wild taxa in the current study and in ethnobotanical studies previously conducted in Albania and Montenegro [1114].(Same or similar uses are underlined.)