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Table 6 Most commonly treated categories of diseases with the most popular plant species used for their treatments

From: Use and valuation of native and introduced medicinal plant species in Campo Hermoso and Zetaquira, Boyacá, Colombia

Disease category No. of plants reported in both municipalities Popular plant species used in treatments
Digestive system 35 Melissa officinalis
Cymbopogon citratus
Apium graveolens
Infections from bacteria, parasites or fungi 16 Mentha suaveolens
Citrus limon
Jaccaranda copaia
Muskuloskeletal system 13 Verbena littoralis
Urtica dioica
Aristolochia ringens
Nervous system 10 Melissa officinalis
Matricaria chamomilla
Lippia citriodora
Immune system 9 Aloe vera
Melissa officinalis
   Verbena littoralis