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Table 2 Local traditional rules and regulations used to manage plant resources in the surveyed villages

From: The utilization and management of plant resources in rural areas of the Limpopo Province, South Africa

Traditional rule and regulations Ga-sekgopo Mongwaneng
No cutting of green plant + +
No cutting trees in the graveyard + +
No soil collection in the communal land + +
No plant collection in times of initiation schools + -
Woman are not allowed to collect plants during menstruation periods + -
Pregnant woman are not allowed in communal lands + -
Some species are only harvested during certain seasons + -
Some species are only harvested for their leaves + +
Certain parts of communal lands are restricted for collection + +
Only small quantity of plant are collected - +
Only lateral roots of plants are collected + +
Stem bark is harvested on one side - +
Permit required for harvesting firewood and timber + -
  1. KEY; + : Traditional rule and regulation used, - : Traditional rule and regulation not used.