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Table 6 Plant species shared among homegardens and natural vegetation in the studied zones at Coyomepan, Puebla

From: Plant management and biodiversity conservation in Náhuatl homegardens of the Tehuacán Valley, Mexico

  Chamaedora elegans Cercocarpus macrophyllus Acacia farnesiana Acacia cochliacantha
  Platanus mexicana Chamaedora elegans Salix taxifolia Acalypha sp.
  Plumeria rubra Hamelia patens   Celtis pallida
  Rubus eriocarpus Rubus eriocarpus   Cercidium praecox
  Salix taxifolia Talauma mexicana   Commelina erecta
   Siparuna andina   Escontria chiotilla
     Ferocactus latispinus
     Lippia graveolens
     Physalis philadelphica
     Sedum sp.
     Stenocereus pruinosus
     Ziziphus amole
Total: 25 5 6 2 12
*Percentage 18.50% 22.22% 7.40% +5.05%
  1. * Percentage calculated based on the total number of species of trees and shrubs recorded in vegetation sampling of homegardens and natural vegetation in localities of Coyomeapan.+ Percentage calculated based on the total number of species of trees, shrubs and herbs recorded in homegarden’s vegetation sampling by Blanckaert et al. 2004 and wild jiotillal ’s vegetation sampling by Vivar (2004) in San Rafael Coxcatlán. CFZ = Cloud Forest Zone, TRFZ = Tropical Rainforest Zone, TDFZ = Tropical Dry Forest Zone; TSFZ = Thorn-Scrub Forest Zone.