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Table 2 Vitex doniana plant parts and their uses in Djidja district

From: Modelling socioeconomic determinants for cultivation and in-situ conservation of Vitex doniana Sweet (Black plum), a wild harvested economic plant in Benin

Plant parts used Use categories Uses
Roots Folk medicine Against snake and scorpion bites, haemorrhoids, malaria, ulcers, diabetes, sexual impotence, stomach-ache, wounds, constipation, eye pains, intestine worms, sprain
Bark Folk medicine Sterility, haemorrhoids, snake and scorpion bites, intestine worms, ulcers, stomach-ache, diabetes, constipation, malaria, wounds, sexual impotence, eye pain, cough, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, strokes
Trunk and branches Construction and fuel Fuel wood, charcoal, planks, beam
Other uses Drums, stool of the king
Leaves Food Household use for consumption as cooked vegetable
Sales Sale as cooked vegetable
Folk medicine Haemorrhoids, snake bites, mouth candidiasis, whitlow, annulet, malaria, ulcers, sexual impotence, stomach-ache
Other uses Ink
Fruits Food Direct consumption of fruits, juice making
Sales Sale of fruits for direct consumption
  Folk medicine Haemorrhoids