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Table 2 Local medicinal plant uses recorded in the studied area

From: Isolated, but transnational: the glocal nature of Waldensian ethnobotany, Western Alps, NW Italy

Botanical taxon/ family and voucher specimen code # Local names Status Plant parts Preparation and administration Folk medical use(s) or treated disease(s) Wal Cat Citations Notes
Abies alba Mill. Pinaceae UNISGVALABA Bigiun Sap Sòp blanc W Buds Resin Infusion, syrup Topical application Cough Skin infections, arthritis, bruises + + *** C
Acer pseudoplatanus L. Sapindaceae UNISGVALACE Plai Plaie W Leaves Infusion Cough, flu   + * P
Achillea erba-rotta All. Asteraceae See Table 1 W Aerial parts Infusion, liquor Digestive, fever + + * C
Alchemilla xanthochlora Rothm. Rosaceae   W Aerial parts Infusion Topical application Anti-inflammatory Dysmenorrhea + + ** P
Allium ampeloprasum L. Amaryllidaceae Pourëtto C Roots Decoction To decrease the milk secretion +   * P
Allium sativum L. Amaryllidaceae Alh C Bulb Topical application Fumigations Externally applied to cloths Corns Cough Worms + + * P
Aloysia citriodora Palau Verbenaceae Limonella C Leaves Infusion Dysmenorrhea +   * C
Arctium lappa L. Asteraceae UNISGVGB034 Grattëquioùe W Roots Flowers Decoction Infusion Respiratory infections, fever, “blood thinner” + + ** P
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. Ericaceae See Table 1 W Leaves Infusion Diuretic and inflammations of the urinary tract +   * P
Arnica montana L. Asteraceae UNISGWAL003 Tabacas Tabaccai W Flowers Tincture or macerate in olive oil, externally applied Rheumatisms, arthritis muscle pains, bruises + + *** C
Artemisia absinthium L. Asteraceae UNISGWAL004 Ûsenc W Aerial parts Topical application Infusion Bruises Fever, worms, digestive + + *** P
Artemisia genipi Weber ex. Stechm., A.glacialis L., A. umbelliformis Lam. Asteraceae See Table 1 W Aerial parts Liquor, infusion Digestive, cough + + *** C
Artemisia vulgaris L. Asteraceae UNISGVGB038 Arsemizë Ërsëmizo W Aerial parts Infusion Topical application Dysmenorrhea Bruises + + ** P
Beta vulgaris L. Amaranthaceae Bléo C Leaves Topical application Joint pains, acne +   * P
Borago officinalis L. Boraginaceae UNISGWAL013 Bouràes Bourai C Flowers Infusion Topical application Pimples Eczema, psoriasis +   ** P
Brassica oleracea L. Brassicaceae Chôl C Leaves Topical application Pimples, acne + + ** C
Botrychium lunaria (L.) Sw. Ophioglossaceae UNISGVALBOT Èrbo d’l’uo W Ripe sporangium Topical application Inhalation Infusion Skin wounds Nose bleeding Internal bleeding +   ** P
Brassica rapa L. Brassicaceae Rabbo C Bulb Syrup Cough +   * C
Calendula officinalis L. Asteraceae Courtëzio C Flowers Infusion Dysmenorrhea, for promoting blood circulation +   ** C
Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik. Brassicaceae   W Fruits Topical application Skin wounds +   * P
Carum carvi L. Apiaceae See Table 1 W Fruits Infusion, liquor Digestive, carminative + + * C
Cetraria islandica L.(Ach.) Parmeliaceae UNISGVALCET Èrbo d’la vélho Licchia Lichene Pan d’chabbre W Thallus Decoction, syrup Decoction, externally applied Cough, bronchitis + + *** C
Chelidonium majus L. Papaveraceae UNISGVGB039 Sireunnho Erbë sironnhë W Latex Fresh topical applied Warts + + *** C
Conium maculatum L. Apiaceae UNISGVALCON Sicutto W Aerial parts Infusion Abortive +   * P
Crataegus monogyna Jacq. Rosaceae UNISGVALCRA Prusét W Aerial parts Infusion Hypertensive, venous insufficiency + + ** P
Cyanus segetum Hill. Asteraceae UNISGVGB015   W Flowers Eyebaths Conjunctivitis +   * P
Cynodon dactylon L. (Pers.) Poaceae UNISVALCYN Gramoun W Roots Decoction Diuretic + + * P
Datura stramonium L. Solanaceae UNISGVALDAT Èrbo dâ dërboun W Leaves Inhalation (dried powedered leaves) Asthma +   * P
Equisetum arvense L. Equisetaceae UNISGWAL020 Èrbo cavalino W Sterile stem Decoction Topical application Diuretic, to prevent prostatic cancer Skin inflammations + + *** C
Erica carnea L. Ericaceae UNISGVALERI Erica W Aerial parts Infusion Urinary tract infections, diarrhea +   * P
Euphrasia alpina Lam. Orobanchaceae UNISGVALEUP Eufrasia W Flowers Eyebaths Conjunctivitis +   * P
Fraxinus excelsior L. Oleaceae UNISGVGB022 Fraise W Leaves Infusion Venous insufficiency, hypertension +   * P
Fragaria vesca L. Rosaceae See Table 1 W Leaves Topical application Pimples, acne +   * P
Gentiana acaulis L. Gentianaceae See Table 1 W Whole plant Liquor, infusion Apetizing, digestive + + ** P
Gentiana lutea L. Gentianaceae See Table 1 W Roots Liquor Macerated in wine Appetizing, digestive + + *** C
Hypericum perforatum L. Hypericaceae UNISGWAL018 Millepertuis Trafourèllo Sengian W Flowering aerial parts Macerate in oil Skin inflammations, burnes, arthritis + + *** C
Hyssopus officinalis L. Lamiaceae Izòp C Aerial parts Infusion Cough +   * P
Juglans regia L. Juglandaceae Nouvìe C Leaves Infusion, externally applied Chilblains + + * P
Juniperus communis L. Cupressaceae See Table 1 W Fruits Infusion, liquor Digestive + + * C
Lamium album L. Lamiaceae UNISGVALLAM Urtìo morto W Aerial parts Infusion Dysmenorrhea +   * P
Larix decidua Mill. Pinaceae UNISGVGB031 Mèlze W Sprouts Resin Pine cones Infusion Topical application Syrup Expectorant Skin inflammations (remove splinters) Respiratory infections + + ** C
Laurus nobilis L. Lauraceae See Table 1 W Leaves Fruits Infusion Digestive   + * P
Leontopodium nivale (Ten.) Huet ex Hand.-Mazz. Asteraceae See Table 1 W Flowering tops Infusion Digestive +   * C
Linum usitatissimum L. Linaceae Lin C Seeds Poultice, externally applied Baths Macerated in water Respiratory infections Urinary infections, constipation Toothaches + + ** P
Malva sylvestris L. Malvaceae UNISGWAL031 Malvo W Whole plant Decoctions Urinary and genital tracts inflammations, digestive + + *** C
Marrubium vulgare L. Lamiaceae UNISGVALMAR Marëfi W Whole plant Infusion Digestive +   * P
Matricaria chamomilla L. Asteraceae UNISGWAL008 Caramillho W Flowers Infusion Infusion, externally applied in poultices Oleolites Urinary tract infections Bronchitis Earaches + + *** C
Melissa officinalis L. Lamiaceae UNISGWAL026 Melissa C Leaves Infusion Neurorelaxant + + ** C
Menta longifolia (L.) Huds. Lamiaceae Mëntatre W Leaves Infusion Digestive + + * C
Myristica fragrans Houtt. Myristicaceae Noce moscata C Seeds Grinded and ingested with sugar Dysmenorrhea +   * P
Ononis spinosa L. Fabaceae Ratabuou W Roots Decoction Cystitis, in the prevention of prostate cancer +   * P
Origanum vulgare L. Lamiaceae Oouriënt C Leaves Infusion Digestive +   * C
Parietaria officinalis L. Urticaceae UNISGVGB007 Pan-chaoudét W Aerial parts Infusion Urinary tract infections and for prevention prostate cancer + + *** C
Pelargonium zonale (L.) L’Hér. ex Aiton Geraniaceae Geranio odoroso C Leaves Topically applied (fresh) Skin cuts, hamatomas, wounds +   ** P
Pilosella officinarum Vaill. Asteraceae UNISGVGB013 Èrbo dâ runh Ourèllhë d’rattë W Leaves Topical ly applied (fresh) Skin cuts and wounds   + * P
Pinguicola vulgaris L. Lentibulariaceae Èrbo d’la talheuiro W Leaves Topically applied (fresh) Skin cuts, wounds +   ** P
Pinus cembra L. Pinaceae Èlvou W Cones Resin Syrup Topically applied Expectorant Wounds   + * C
Pinus mugo Turra, Pin W Cones Syrup Cough, bronchitis + + ** P
P. sylvestris L. Pinaceae   Sprouts Decoction       
Plantago major L., P. lanceolata L. Plantaginaceae UNISGVGB021 Plantanh Plantònh W Leaves Infusion Baths Topically applied (fresh) Urinary and genital infections To prevent prostate cancer Bruises and haematomas + + ** P
Polygonum bistorta L. Polygonaceae UNISGVGB036 Ërparà W Aerial parts Infusion Diuretic   + * P
Polypodium vulgare L. Polypodiaceae UNISGVGB003 Ërgalisio Rizouzèttë W Roots Decoction Cough, digestive + + ** P
Potentilla reptans L. Rosaceae UNISGVALPOT Èrbo d’la sinquèno W Whole plant Decoctions Baths Urinary infections To prevent prostate cancer + + * P
Primula helatior (L.) Hill, P. veris L., P. vulgaris Huds. Primulaceae See Table 1 W Flowers and roots Infuson/Decoction Diuretic, cough   + * P
Prunus avium (L.) L. See Table 1 W Stems Resin Infusion Topically applied Diuretic Sprains + + ** P
Prunus domestica L. Rosaceae Dalmeizinìe C Resin Topically applied Skin cuts and sprains +   * P
Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb Rosaceae Amandoulie C Seeds Fresh eaten Galactagogue +   * P
Rhododendron ferrugineum L. Ericaceae UNISGVGB035 Brousé W Galls Oleolite Muscle pains +   * C
Rosa canina L. Rosaceae UNISGVGB018 Bosou Agoulënsia W Fruits Flowers Jam Decoction Infusion, in external applications on the eyes Intestinal astringent Increase immunostimulating Eye inflammations and conjunctivitis + + ** P
Rosa centifolia L. Rosaceae Ruse C Petals Infusion Sore throat +   * C
Rosmarinus officinalis L. Lamiaceae UNISGWAL030 Rousmarin C Leaves Infusion Digestive + + * C
Rubus ulmifolius L. Rosaceae UNISGWAL038 Rounzo W Leaves Infusion Topical fresh applied Sore throat and hoarseness Acne and pimples, cicatrizing + + ** P
Rumex acetosa L. Polygonaceae See Table 1 W Leaves Topically applied (fresh) Insect bites +   * P
Rumex alpinus L. Polygonaceae Lavaso W Leaves Infusion Cough +   * P
Salix alba L. Salicaceae Gourìe W Leaves Infusion Fever +   * P
Salvia officinalis L. Lamiaceae Salvio C Leaves Infusion Oral disinfectant and antibacterial, headaches, digestive + + ** C
Sambucus nigra L. Adoxaceae See Table 1 W Flowers Fruits Infusion Applied (fresh) in the mouth Jam Hypertension Tooth abscess “Blood cleanser” + + ** P
Satureja montana L. Lamiaceae Sëréa W Flowers Infusion Dysmenorrhea   + * P
Sempervivum montanum L. Crassulaceae UNISGVGB029   W Aerial parts Topically applied (fresh) Skin cuts and burns   + * P
Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. Asteraceae UNISGVALSYL Pugn W Leaves Roots Infusion Decoction Diuretic, dysmenorrhea +   * P
Symphytum officinale L. Boraginaceae UNISGVALSYM Èrbo dâ panariss W Roots Topicaly applied (fresh) Muscle pains and skin infections +   * P
Tanacetum vulgare L. Asteraceae UNISGWAL006 Tanaìo W Aerial parts Infusion Dysmenorrhea +   * P
Taraxacum officinale L. Asteraceae UNISGWAL010 Girasole Mourpoursin W Roots Decoction Diuretic/“blood cleasing” + + * P
Teucrium chamaedrys L. Lamiaceae UNISGVGB019 Calamandréo W Aerial parts Infusion Hypertension, dysmenorrhea + + ** P
Thymus serpyllum L. Lamiaceae UNISGWAL029 Sërpoul W Aerial parts Infusion Topically applied (fresh) Digestive Insect bites + + *** C
Tilia cordata Mill. Malvaceae UNISGVALTIL Télh Tîeul W Flowers Infusion Respiratory tract inflammations + + *** C
Trigonella caerulea (L.) Ser. Thé d’hl’ort C Aerial parts Infusion Digestive +   * C
Tussilago farfara L. Asteraceae See Table 1 W Aerial parts Infusion Respiratory tract inflammations, fever   + ** P
Urtica dioica L. Urticaceae UNISGWAL031 Urtìo W Roots Decoction Diuretic +   * P
Verbascum thapsus L. Scrophulariaceae UNISGVALVER Couvoùëlp W Inflorescences Infusion Syrup Respiratory tract inflammations Cough + + *** P
Verbena officinalis L. Verbenaceae UNISGWAL032 Barbéno W Fever Infusion Febrifuge +   * P
Veronica allionii Vill. Plantaginaceae See Table 1 W Flowering aerial parts Infusion Diuretic +   * C
Viola calcarata L. Violaceae UNISGVGB028 Vioulëtto d’mountannho W Flowers Infusion Respiratory tract inflammations, fever + + ** C
Viola tricolor L. Violaceae UNISGVGB005 Vioulëtto blanchoViooulëtin W Flowers Infusion Topically applied Respiratory tract inflammations, fever, toothache + + *** C
Unidentified taxon Appia W Leaves Topical application Bruises   + * P
Unidentified taxon Murtalia W Flowers Tea Anti-infllammatory +   * P
  1. #: see Table 1 for other voucher codes.
  2. Status: C: cultivated; SC: semi-cultivated or semi-wild; W: wild.
  3. Wal: use recorded among Waldensians; Cat: use recorded among Catholics.
  4. Citations: *quoted by 10% of the informants or less; **quoted by 11-39% of the informants; ***quoted by 40% of the informants or more.
  5. Notes: C: current use; P: past use.