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Table 5 Use categories and specific uses of Agave inaequidens subsp. inaequidens documented in this study (ordered according to the percentage of mention)

From: TEK, local perceptions of risk, and diversity of management practices of Agave inaequidens in Michoacán, Mexico

Use category Specific use Usedpart
Distilled beverage Mescal Stem and leaf bases
Food Sweetfood Tender floweringstalk
  Sweetfood Stem and leaf bases
  “Aguamiel” Stemsap
  Food Flowerbuttons
  “Nixtamal” tortilla dough complement Stem
Medicine Gastro-intestinal discomfort Sap
  Internal and externalbruises Leaf
  Respiratory illnesses Sap
  Fractures Leaf
  Articulation pain Sap
  Rheumatism Leaf
  Pressure regulation Sap
  Gastritis Sap
  Ulcer Leaf
Seasoning and insulating “Barbacoa” Leaf
Veterinary medicine Parasite control Leaf
  Internal and external bruises Leaf
  Fractures Leaf
  Fatigue releaf Sap
Fermented beverage “Pulque” Sap
Living fence Exclusion of cattle Complete living plant
  Delimiting property Complete living plant
Forage Cattle fodder Leaf
Construction material Door fence Floweringstalk
  Water pipe Floweringstalk
  Roof gutter Floweringstalk
  Pole Floweringstalk
Fiber Textil confection Leaf
Plant sale and trade Growing and selling young agaves Seed
Hunting Hunting decoy Inflorescence
Soil retainer Erosion control Complete living plant
Parakeets’ nest Parakeets’ nest confection Flowering stalk
Extraction and sale of sap Sale of extracted sap Leaf
Ornamental Garden ornamental Complete living plant