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Table 4 Homegarden nutraceutical plants recorded from the Sebeta-Awas District

From: Ethnobotanical study of homegarden plants in Sebeta-Awas District of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia to assess use, species diversity and management practices

Botanical name Part used Ailment treated Method of preparation and use
Allium sativum Bulb Headache, abdominal cramp and flue The bulb is eaten alone and/or pounded together with Zingiber officinale
Carica papaya Seed Intestinal parasites Fresh seeds are eaten
Cucurbita pepo Seed Tape worm infection Roasted seeds are chewed and swallowed
Ensete ventricosum Corm Broken legs and arms The underground part is boiled and eaten
Punica granatum Leaf Tape worm infection Decoction of leaves is drunk