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Table 4 Plant species cited by more than one of the participants, in alphabetic order: Scientific name, local plant name(s), plant part used, preparation, use category and voucher specimen number (DMT #) located in the herbarium of the Department of Traditional Medicine at National Institute of Research in Public Health, Mali

From: Attitudes and use of medicinal plants during pregnancy among women at health care centers in three regions of Mali, West-Africa

Plant name (author name) Local name(s) Part used Preparation Use category DMT #
Sarcocephalus latifolius (Sm.) E.A.Bruce Baroufou, Badi stem bark, roots, leaves DC, powder UTI, malaria-symptoms 1117
Vitex doniana Sweet Kouronifing leaves DC nausea, malaria-symptoms 1893
Pteleopsis suberosa Engl. & Deils Terenifou bark DC UTI 0722
Eclipta prostrata (L.) L. Moussofing leaves DC UTI, malaria-symptoms 2395
Chrysopogon nigritanus (Benth.) Veldkamf Babi leaves DC increase salt-elimination, malaria-symptoms, nausea 3764
Cyperus rotondus L. Genni leaves DC malaria-symptoms 1077
Butyrospermum parkii Kotschy Si tulu fruit butter tiredness, UTI 1425
Cola cordifolia (Cav.) R.Br. N’tabanoko/Ntaba fruit, bundles (mainly leaves) eating fruit, DC, vapor well-being, symptoms of malaria, increase appetite 1331
Combretum glutinosum Perr. Cangara Plant bundles (mainly leaves) DC malaria-symptoms, tiredness 0533
Combretum micranthum G.Don. N’golobé Plant bundles or leaves DC malaria-symptoms, edema 0587
Guiera senegalensis J.F.Gmel. Kundje leaves DC malaria-symptoms 0749
Lippia chevalieri Mold. N’ganibakala leaves or bundles DC well-being, nutrition, dietary supplement 0001
Mitragyna inermis (Willd.) O.Kze. Djun leaves or bundles and leaves DC malaria-symptoms, UTI 2263
Opilia amentacea Roxb. (syn. Opilia celtidifolia) (G. et Perr.) Endl. Korôgé bundles (mainly leaves) or leaves DC malaria-symptoms, to increase appetite 0904
Parkia biglobsa (Jacq.) Benth. Néré fruit, stem bark DC, M well-being, UTI, malaria-symptoms 0285
Stylosanthes erecta P.Beauv Sekoufali leaves DC tiredness, malaria-symptoms 1401
Trichilia emetica Vahl Sulafinzan     0561
Vepris heterophylla (Engl.) Letouzey Kita kinkeliba bundles (mainly leaves) DC malaria-symptoms, constipation, edema 2444
Ximenia americana L. Ntonké/Hongbé fruit, bundles (mainly leaves) DC, vapor well-being, to increase appetite 0764
  1. DC=decoction, M= maceration