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Table 2 CDA results applied to food plants' freelists (folk taxa). (n = 10 key informants)

From: Foodways in transition: food plants, diet and local perceptions of change in a Costa Rican Ngäbe community

Parameter Value
Initial number of folk taxa elicited 102
Range of items elicited per informant 25–51
Mean freelist length per informant (±SD) 37.6 ± 10.7
Pseudo-reliability 0.793a
Eigenvalue ratio between first and second factor 3.512b
Number of folk taxa fitting the consensus key 25
(Percentage of total) (24.5 %)
Folk taxa fitting the consensus key (=“key food plants”) Aro, Mumá, Mumá krire, I, Ö, Naran, Tä, Drun, Baran bun, Kä, Mumá köire, Kabe, Barän rugá, Drune, Bé, Muá, Jlimu, Dugá, Söran, Mölen, Mraño, Dabá, Mitdrá, Kolan, Bere
(In decreasing saliency)
  1. a: Indicates medium consensus amongst informants. b: Indicates single culture origin of informants