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Table 1 Description of children’s activities

From: Children’s daily activities and knowledge acquisition: A case study among the Baka from southeastern Cameroon

Cluster Category Activities
Subsistence-related activities Household maintenance Fetching water; collecting firewood; washing clothes/dishes; sweeping house; cooking.
Hunting Hunting small animals with traps; hunting with sling, bow and arrows, or stones; collective hunting; hunting cable snares; hunting with spear; unearth game with smoke; wheel and “lékà” playing.
Gathering Gathering of sub-spontaneous and/or wild edibles products.
Agricultural Work Cleaning fields; planting or harvesting agricultural products in household’s or Nzime’s plots
Fishing Collective fishing with dams; fishing with hook; fishing with net.
Handicraft Making toys in Raphia sp.; building replicates of ; weaving mats and baskets.
Non-subsistence related activities Playa Play with Baka children; collective plays, such as hide-and-seek, and marbles; solitary plays as wheel/car pushing.
Maintenance Sleeping; resting; eating with Baka’.
Traditional songs, tales and dances Performing Baka’s songs and dances; narrating tales; listening to tales.
Recently introduced activities Listening to music Listening to modern music
School Attending school; doing homework
Other activities Trade, hairdressing…
Football Football playing
Alcohol drinking  
Socializing with Nzime children Spending time with Nzime children (play, chatting…)
  1. aThis category only includes leisure play not related to subsistence activities; plays related to subsistence or work-playing are part of the first cluster