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Fig. 2

From: Do artisanal fishers perceive declining migratory shorebird populations?

Fig. 2

Examples of the impacts that have contributed to the reduced numbers of shorebirds on Coroa do Avião Island according to the perception of local fishers from Z20, Z11 and Z10, Pernambuco (NE Brazil). a, b, c Increasing number of bars and tourism infrastructure; (d, e, f) sound pollution from boats and ultralight aircraft; (g, h) increased harvesting of shellfish; (I) garbage. (a, b) Bars and restaurants with the presence of tourists; (c) hotel; (d, e, f) ultralight aircraft and tourist boats; (g, h) cocklers harvesting mollusks; (i) shorebird on the beach in the vicinity of garbage. Photographs: Telino-Júnior WR. 2013–2014 (a, b, d, e, g, h, i); Andrade LP. 2014 (c, f)

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