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Table 2 The results of DNA barcoding

From: Wild food plants and fungi used in the mycophilous Tibetan community of Zhagana (Tewo County, Gansu, China)

Molecular identification Accession number Best match sequence / accession number E-value Sequence Similarity (%)
Agaricus campestris KX008974 Agaricus campestris FJ223223 0.0 98
Ramaria sp.2 KX008975 Ramaria sp. UDB024083 0.0 97
Lactarius deliciosus var. deterrimus KX008976 Lactarius deliciosus EF685060 0.0 99
Lactarius deliciosus var. deterrimus KX008977 Lactarius deliciosus EF685060 0.0 99
Russula sp. KX008978 Russula sp. EU057100 0.0 98
Auricularia auricula-judae KX008979 Auricularia auricula-judae FJ478123 0.0 100
Morchella elata KX008980 Morchella elata GQ249054 0.0 100
Sarcodon sp. KX008981 Sarcodon scabripes JN135191 0.0 96
Leucopaxillus giganteus (Sowerby) Singer KX008982 Leucopaxillus giganteus JQ639151 0.0 98
Leucopaxillus giganteus (Sowerby) Singer KX008983 Leucopaxillus giganteus JQ639151 0.0 99
Ramaria sp. 3 KX008984 Ramaria cf coulterae JX310420 0.0 94
Russula firmula KX008985 Russula firmula KJ867373 0.0 99
Russula sp. KX008986 Russula sp. LC035243 0.0 99
Catathelasma imperiale KX008987 Catathelasma imperiale UDB007898 0.0 97
Gomphus clavatus KX008988 Gomphus clavatus UDB011658 0.0 99
Ramaria sp.1 KX008989 Ramaria sp. UDB013130 0.0 94
Ramaria sp.1 KX008990 Ramaria sp. UDB013130 0.0 94
Ramaria sp1 KX008991 Ramaria sp. UDB013130 0.0 94
Clitocybe fragrans KX008992 Clitocybe fragrans UDB021263 0.0 99