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Table 2 Therapeutic uses of medicinal plants to treat local ailments at Loja province

From: Medicinal plants sold at traditional markets in southern Ecuador

Medical category Local illnesses and diseases recognized by market vendors
Circulatory system Anemia, bad blood circulation, high cholesterol, and high or low blood pressure
Culture-bound syndromes “Calor encerrado”, evil air, evil eye, fright, “espanto de cerro”, and “pena de ausencia” or “tirisia” (see definition of syndromes in Tene et al. 2007) [88] and Rios et al. 2007 [104]
Dermatological system Acne, fungus infection, gangrene, rash, wounds, nosebleed, hair loss, and dandruff
Digestive system Diarrhea, constipation, sickness, hangover, flatulence, liver disorder (included inflammation), stomach infection and pain, and tooth pain
General disorders Inflammation, cancer, fever, headache, and sunstroke
Genitourinary system Kidney ailments (included inflammation and infection), and prostate and urinary tract disorders
Gynecological system Vaginal disorders, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps and related disorders, ovary inflammation, and promoting labor and childbirth recovery
Hormonal system Diabetes and galactogogue
Musculoskeletal system Bone fracture, bruise, rheumatism, sprain, and pains
Nervous system Nervousness
Respiratory system Cold, cough, flu, sore throat, and measles
Sensorial system Ear pain and eye infection