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Table 2 Sub-categories from the “feeding/fodder” category (Table 1), categorised and sorted by the authors by coincidences in contents (n = 144; 16 informants with no answer in this category; 1 questionnaire not analysable; 416 practices mentioned in total)

From: Local knowledge held by farmers in Eastern Tyrol (Austria) about the use of plants to maintain and improve animal health and welfare

Sub-Category Number of practices Explication Examples of practices
Kind of fodder/feed 164 Composition of fodder and different components of particular fodder, including feeding composition at a particular stage of animal life “mountain meadow hay”, “wheat bran”, “colostrum” …
“14 days before calving, feeding of …”
Quality of fodder 125 Different terms for high quality “clean”, “healthy”, “good”, “own”
Feeding ration 65 Amount of feeding ration and appropriate rate of different components of the fodder “more hay than silage“, “enough of…”, “not too much of …”
Method of fodder production 39 Methods concerning mainly grassland “no artificial fertiliser for grassland”, “mowing after sunset”, “mowing when grasses are mature”
Other sub-categories 23   “naturally feeding”, “organic agriculture”